2020 has demanded change.

We know change doesn’t come easily, quickly or expectedly, but it has been sparked on Vocal—because of you.

Your stories and support empower and inspire each other, and power diverse and global communities.

We believe in rewarding creativity, and that diverse creators tell diverse stories. We’re thrilled you do, too. Here’s how you supported your fellow creators this year.

➕ Over 10,000 Vocal+ subscribers
⏰ 4:55 average time reading stories
⌛ 49,000 hours spent reading stories
👥 Over 275,000 new creators
💸 $400,000 sent to support creators
🥇 $195,000 sent to Challenge winners
❤️ 60,000 likes on creator's stories
In 2020, you published stories that helped...
Together, we gave back through storytelling

Because you amplified your voices, Vocal has brought awareness and donated over $20,000 to causes that will continue to lead us toward a better future.

Food for the Soul Challenge
Food for the Soul Challenge
Creators shared their favorite feel-good recipes for dishes that not only nourish our body and soul, but overcome our minds with childhood nostalgia.
Raised $2,500 for The Okra Project
Voices for Change Challenge
Voices for Change Challenge
Creators submitted experiences and resources in light of the international conversations sparked by the murders of Black men, women and so many others lost to racist violence.
Raised $2,500 for NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Beyond the Vote Challenge
Beyond the Vote Challenge
Creators shared their stories on how we should dedicate time, money, or support to take things into our own hands and make the country a better place, while we wait for our leaders to catch up.
Raised $5,000 for Spread the Vote
Speak Up Challenge
Speak Up Challenge
Creators submitted their stories to world leaders about what needs to happen to save the environment.
Raised $4,000 for NRDC and Environmental Defense Fund
Everyday Heroes Challenge
Everyday Heroes Challenge
Creators wrote an open letter of appreciation to essential workers who are making it possible for us to safely stay home when staying home isn’t an option for them.
Raised $4,000 for Crisis Aid International
Pay It Forward Challenge
Pay It Forward Challenge
Creators showed their support to the entrepreneurs, makers, restaurateurs, and small business owners that have always been there for us.
Raised $2,500 for Rosemarine Textiles, a zero-waste textile studio
“Challenges have saved my life through lockdown. When this pandemic first started I entered the Behind the Beat Challenge and ended up winning third place, and this literally allowed me to pay my rent and eat that month.”
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We partnered brands and creators to create stories, not ads.

We had the chance to work with amazing brands we share values with, and gave our creators an opportunity to partner with them, too.

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We joined Stripe Climate and pledged to contribute a portion of revenue to making the planet a cleaner place by helping scale emerging carbon removal technologies.
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